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So this term has been really good so far and hopefully it will stay that way for the rest of the year, I have made some new friends and they are Manaia, Montelle, Rhobe(Rob), Terangi, and Antwon, he’s kind of my friend and I’m still friends with Charnce and Flynn from last year they’re all funny to me, Manaia and Montelle hangout in class, me and my cousin Charnce walk around school with his other cousin Javarhn and all the others hang out on the courts shooting hoops not so much Javarhn but yeah. sometimes me and my cousin Charnce just shoot hoops mainly when we don’t have anything to do .

During the start of the term i joined the kapa haka group in school, the kapa haka teacher Mrs Brown said the kapa haka group is a T . K . T . extension for the whole school, I really enjoy kapa haka and intermediate have our own waiata/song named Te Aroha.

Mr Kauone is strict but at least he isn’t boring like every other teacher I had, he has a lot of history that he sometimes shares with us it is really interesting sometimes the stories are funny and sometimes they’re serious, he is a real sporty/competitive teacher he likes to play sports but he can’t do it anymore because his knee is stuffed from rugby league if it wasn’t he would have been playing still. – Trae 

TKT Is Fun

I started here at Wainuiomata Intermediate school on Monday 18 of March, I used to be at Wilford in Petone but I wanted a fresh start so I moved here to Wainuiomata Intermediate. I am 11 years old and I love sports. My new school just completed an inter-class Ki-o-rahi tournament on Thursday 21 March and it was a really fun day. My class TKT came 2nd in the competition just losing against Room 14 in the final. I’ve been going to the W.I.S Sevens practices hopefully get selected for the inter-intermediate schools tournament and hopefully onwards to the National Aims Games with the W.I.S Rugby 15’s team and Year 7s Rugby Team.

On Wednesday I went to the inter-school athletics to fill in for some people I came 3rd in shot put so I’m going to regionals I hope I’m going to have an awesome time here at my new school. So far, it’s been a great experience in my new class TKT.  – Teokotai

2019-So Far.

We have been learning about growth mindset for the past three weeks and I’ve realised that my fixed mindset has been affecting the way I work, in other words I’ve been blanking out what’s really important to me with my class and school work. For example, I haven’t modelled much good behaviour and leadership skills for my peers.

So my goal this year is to achieve as much as I can and to ignore all the negative/bad behaviour from my fixed mindset.

It’s a bit different this year because I have a lot of responsibilities and roles to accomplish. If you know me well, I’m not the best at showing it, but, I will improve by being a leader for Kapa Haka and working smart for extension math class and doing my best to participate in sports tournaments, the list goes on.

Overall it has been a bit of a headache these past weeks and I’m determined to see where this year takes me. – Malia

The Start Of A New Class Culture  true bro

Kia ora everyone and welcome to my midterm blog:

During this term we had our school athletics. In the morning of the day all of the areas of the school met up in the gym and performed their own chants to see who was the loudest area in the school. Unfortunately we all lost to area 3. After all of that Mr Sharp addressed the school and told us today was about fun, and it was. The day started, my groups first activity was discus followed by shot put, 100 meters, throw and then 200 meters. I came 1st for the first heat in 100 meters then I came 4th in the last race, then I came 1st for 200 meters and I’m pretty proud of what I accomplished on that day. Then after all of the events, the big moment for all was here, the relays. We had a good team for relays but we still lost, unfortunately, but the Year 8 boys did the best for our area because they won the final race for the relays and we all did our best today and we all had fun.

This term we started kapa haka, we started learning songs to get us ready for what comes this year. Mrs Brown (the kapa haka teacher/Deputy Principal) told us if we miss 3 practices then we are out of the group. Personally, I like doing kapa haka I like singing so I hope I won’t get kicked out of the group so I better pay attention and learn as many songs I can and make sure I attend the practices we have.

So far this term has been good but I’m certain that this year it would be good for all of us, and I can’t wait to go on trips to perform all around the Wellington region. This year is gonna be great!! – Cade

Great Year So Far  

For the last few weeks we have been doing a lot of work lately like Growth Mindset, for growth mindset we are learning about multiple intelligences, for example one of my intelligences is ‘strategizing’ – it’s what I do best.

Also I am in IGNITE SPORTS it is an academy for Year 7 students chosen by their teacher and I was one of three from TKT chosen by my kaiako Mr. Kauone, the last time we went there we did boxing at Naenae Boxing Club. If you punched Blake in the nose you get 100$ from Isaac.

Kapa Haka is cool because we are learning a new haka from Ngati Porou and that is where I am from, there are more waiata like Te Aroha and Pukeatua. – Amara.

My Number 10 Is A Winner

Kia ora Te Whanau 2019 is really cool because…we had shared lunch on Friday and I brought panikekes, I thought they were yuck…hehe, my buddy Niki brought brownies and I thought they were yum.

I like our school Kapa Haka because I like to learn new songs and haka like our new haka pohiri we’re learning, it is all good. For pangarau/math I am in Ms. Fata’s pangarau ropu and it’s fun because sometimes it is hard and sometimes it is easy but I still like it.

In week 4 we had our school Athletics and I reckon I did pretty all good in all of the sports like the 100 meters & 200 meters. -Rhobe-Jaexoynn

My Mid Term 1 Reflection

Kiaora and welcome to my blog! In class we have been learning the Marae tikanga. We learn all the different parts of the marae like the tukutuku panels and the kowhawhai patterns. We also learnt the school pepeha along with our own pepeha.

*We’ve been doing classroom workshops in our area. We have been changing classes for different subjects like Pangarau and Topic inquiry. I’m in TKT for both.

My topic inquiry unit is ‘stand up and represent’ we are preparing other students for their area powhiri, so they can stand up and represent their classrooms.

In all other areas im all goods. I’m in the top group for Pangarau, the second top group for reading and i finished my growth mindset.=)

This year we had Water Safety which was completely different from how we did it last year. I did kayaking, I went down the water slide with Mish and I did life saving.

This year has been EPIC  so far. -Bonnie =P =P =P =P =P =P =P

✌️The Best Year Ever✌️

In the last past 6 weeks I have been learning Kapa Haka. IGNITE is a sports academy for schools and I’ve been lucky because my teacher Mr. Kauone chose me and two others to be in it. It is the best thing that l like the most. l like it it’s cool and it’s cool how we went to Walter Nash and Naenae boxing club.

For Kapa Haka we have started learning a new song called Te Aroha and also a new Haka Panapana. The teacher is Ms. Brown she’s okay. – Kaimana

How I Am Doing So Far

TKT have been learning about different things like Growth Mindset, and now I have noticed that my number one has been taking over everything I do or my Fixed Mindset, who gives up everything when things are too hard.

We have been doing Kapa Haka for the last 3-4 weeks and it has been hard for me because I have to lead songs also we’ve been learning more waiata and the actions. I also have to step up and show kaitiakitanga for the year 7s.

Last Tuesday my Area 1 Orongorongo did Water Safety at the Wainui Pools. We were in groups and had to do all different water safety activities. I completed 2 rotations but then I got cold so I hopped out of the water and played basketball instead. – Manaia

How I’m Doing So Far!

It has been five weeks of learning new songs every Friday at Kapa Haka and it has been good so far, we have been learning a new haka powhiri called Te Urunga Tu.

Area 1 has started our Pangarau/Maths Workshops and we have them nearly every day, at our workshops, we are learning Algebra and Statistics, each class is working at a different level, Mr. Kauone is taking level 4, Mr. Thompson is taking level 3 and Miss Fata is taking level 2, I am working at level 3 with Mr. Thompson and I find it a little bit easy but mostly challenging.

Area 1 did Water Safety activities 2 weeks ago at Wainui pools. We were split into 7 groups and did 7 water safety activities, the activities we did were snorkeling, rafting, kayaking, hydroslide, free time, basketball and the grass area. My favourite 2 were hydroslide and free time. My least favourite was snorkeling and rafting but overall it was a pretty good day. – Jaylyn   

My Year So Far 2019

This term my school had athletics, first all of the areas went to the gym to see who’s chant was the loudest/best and then after Mr. Sharp asked everybody whenever wanted to do 800m to go to the field and do it in gender and year levels and I managed to win in the year 8 boys and get the fastest time in the school which means I came first in the whole school at 800m.

As soon as I finished 800m I fell on the ground and nearly spewed up and my legs were so fatigued I couldn’t even walk and it felt as if I nearly fainted or blacked out etc.

I stayed on the ground until I felt good enough to actually move to some extent and then I asked my friend Trae for some water because he had a water bottle and then I decided to go to class because I was practically starving to death.

My highlights were 100m and 200m because I got a really good time and I managed to make it into finals for both of those.

A few days later Mr. Hayes called the people who got the fastest time in 100m and 200m had to race and I came first in both of those which put me straight into interschool.

The equipment we use in my tech that I’m currently in (Digitech) is pretty cool because there are robots involved and I get to program them to do stuff for me it’s pretty cool so far.

This term has been pretty good so far and I reckon that it will carry on being good for the rest of the term and hopefully for the rest of the year. – Paratene

Athletics day    

Kia ora my name is Antwon I’ll be Talking about my midterm blog term 1 reflection evaluation. Athletics day was a fun day I went to discus first i came  5th. After that I went to shot put I came 2nd. I walked over to 100m sprints and I came 1st. After that I went to vortex i came 3rd. Then we got ready for relays and we lost year 7 girls we lost year 7 boys and we lost and we lost year 8 girls and finally we won year 8 boys.

A few weeks ago we went to wainuiomata pools for our  water safety program. us area 1 walk to wainui pools. We got to wainui pools. we had our morning tea. After that we went to go get change in the changing rooms. We had to listen to the life guards for 10 mins or 15 mins then we went in the pool 20 mins later we had our lunch then 10 mins after we got back in the pool.45 mins later then we hop out in the pool and got change in the changing rooms and went back under the shade. Then we all went back home. – Antwon

Mid-term Reflection

So far the term has gone pretty good. I have learnt different ways of solving long and short math equations and what Algebra is. I have also learned different ways of making connections with what I am reading.

I have signed up for sevens, touch and netball. All of them have been enjoyable. I have learned some stuff at training. We have really good coaches and I am looking forward to the year.

Kapa haka has been good because in primary I didn’t enjoy it because they didn’t pronounce the words right and didn’t have the correct words for the songs. My whanau have been a big help and inspiration for me because they are all very talented and sing all the time. -Fanua

It’s me! Iziah again and this is my midterm blog

Part 1 – So I’ve started my topic inquiry learning with my inquiry group. I’m in breakfast and lunch at school In this group we’re thinking of making a breakfast club it would start at 8:25 to the start of school and it would be at the hall near the front gate. Our inquiry question is “how good is our food at school programme and is it meeting to the standards of all the students at our school.”

Part 2 – we also did athletics day the first activity my group (year 7s) did was discus the game where you throw a heavy disc as far as you can. The second activity we did was Shot Put the game where you grab a mid-sized heavy ball and try to throw it as far as you can. And after that we did 100m/200m run with my teacher Mr Kauone (sounds like gau-o-ne)

Part 3 – Lastly all the areas went to the Wainuiomata pools for a water safety program. Area 3 went on Tuesday, my area went on Wednesday, area 2 was supposed to go on Friday but they cancelled it for Monday. We all had to walk to the pools it took 25m/30m to get there once we got there we had a feed after that we got split into groups.

The first thing we did was hydroslide, the second thing we did was freestyle swimming, After That we Did canoeing, then we did the Actual water safety part. Finally, we went back to school (not all of us) THE END -IZIAH

My mid term 1 blog

Kia ora my name is Kahurangi and welcome to my second blog it’s been a journey in TKT and my class are doing Kapa Haka its fun learning new waiata and karanga and i’m  a year 8. It is great in TKT with Mr Kauone teaching is amazing and he push us to be the best we can. Its cool cuz im gone better at reading and writing and i thank him for teaching in TKT he is the best. His personal acting is true and funny and we do Kapa Haka on Friday and pasifika are on Mondays…

TENA koutou TENA koutou TENA koutou Katoa. And thank you for Reading…

And the whole school went to the water safety program but i didn’t swim because i forgot to get my stuff for swimming. Our area had breakfast was really good but last year was better and Kakite…Kahurangi

😎My Interesting School 😎

The past two months it has been good for me I have made lots of friends and learned lots of new things this term. We have been learning about Growth Mindset and Multiple Intelligence. Orongorongo classes have workshops three or four time every week, and our workshops have started for Pangarau/Math andTopic Inquiry. We have also learned about Marae Tikanga. Which is learning about whaikorero, all the parts of our marae, our school and personal pepeha and heaps more. We had our area Water Safety Day at Wainui pools, that was heaps of fun. We also had our WIS Athletics Day and my area Orongorongo rocked! I enjoy Kapa Haka but Mrs Brown is scary. I have a goal to get better at maths and how I will do that is by listening carefully to the teacher so that I can work easier  – Manaia M😁

True bro My midterm Reflection

Athletics;  athletics first we went to the gym to do our chant for Area points then one teacher called all the 800meter runners for a race to the end and our area came 1st in the 800meter run.

Area water safety; so we were walking down to Wainuiomata pools for our water safety program we got there we had our morning tea then went inside and got changed in to our swimming clothes and we had to listen for like 3 mins then went to our places for our activities we had free line first then kayaking to rafting then slide. Then we had lunch and free time after lunch.  WATTA JOKER – Mathew

My Midterm blog

Kia Ora tatou I am Therese and this is the mid term blog of 2019 in TkT of Wainui intermediate AND we have started many things like kapa haka I am gonna talk about some of these.

Ok like I said we started kapa haka we actually started that week 4 or 5 but now we’re doing the work and getting our haka powhiri together.

We also started Growth mindset I learnt how growth and fixed mindset Is all about and how they both work and that my goal is to keep my growth mindset and know when not to use my fixed mindset.

I loved how we started workshops of math and literacy. I don’t really like math but still do it (yay…) ok I really like Literacy and how it’s laid out wait a minute.……I forgot to say that all of these topics and math topics are split into all 3 classes of Orongorongo.

Ok one more thing we started is Te ao Maori I like this one cause this is kinda easy and talking about that we are learning about the school marae and its past history of the ones who have passed on and we are learning also about Te Tiriti O Waitangi.  – Theresa 

New year New me

Kia ora welcome to my midterm blog. This term we have been doing Kapa haka and we have had about 5 weeks of learning new songs and actions to new songs and hakas. Kapa haka for me is exciting and fun because i love leading and putting a good example for others. Right now in Kapa haka we are learning a haka called Te Urunga and it is a really nice haka to learn.

We have been learning about growth mindset and I realized that my fixed mindset stops me from learning and now i am using my growth mindset alot to inspire me to move on with my work. I have been doing good in my learning, for an Example …….

During this term we had our athletics. In the morning all of the areas were getting ready and heading to the gym to do our chants we all sadly lost to Area 3 but to me I think it was unfair for area 1 cause we only had three classes but that’s okay. After Mrs Sharp addressed the school to their  Areas and My group had shot put first which is an athletic contest in which a very heavy round ball is thrown as far as possible. – Natalea 

Mid-term reflection

So far this year has been going good what i’m learning is the school pepeha i’m still learning it. I already know my pepeha. We are also learning about growth/fixed mindset the past few weeks. Growth mindset is all the positive and good things. Where as fixed mindset is all the bad and negative things.

Kapa haka has been going good for me because in primary school the words and were actions were incorrect, so it’s a whole new level for me. My sister inspired me to do kapa haka because when I was little, I used to go to her practices which I enjoyed. My sister became kaea for one of her ropu, So this is why she inspired me to do kapa haka.

Athletics went well but our chant was really bad but we did really good at all the sport. I mostly participated in all the sports and did ok.  Athletics day was pretty fun. I did pretty well at shotput. I was really close to getting a 4 for shot put -Ramari

Inter athletics    

Kia ora we have started kapa Haka it is going well so far we are in the process of learning a new haka powhiri some people are going to get kicked out because they can’t learn the waiata that fast or they are playing up kapa Haka is on fridays now.

Wainuiomata intermediate school had a team that went to inter athletics as well as myself i was in throw/vortex and dicus in throw i done good  but these 2 boys from another school won they were from the same school but in dicus all of my throws hit the net a boy cauld nikora won he is from wis other than that our school done well. – Tamati

Midterm 1 TKT Blog

In week 3 we did Kapa haka we learned a new song and haka in week 2. We did Pasifika I went then I left because I was bored. Then there was athletics, touch rugby and netball. I signed up for both rugby and touch but i could only play touch. I never went to touch trainings so i don’t know if i’m in the team or not. We did sports and water safety it was fun because it was free we played on the slide and stuff it was super fun. -Taukea


Kia ora my name is Terangianiwaniwa and I’ll be talking about my midterm 1 reflection evaluation. So right now the class and I  have been doing workshops for maths and topic inquiry, most of this week and a couple of weeks ago but now so far most Fridays and Mondays.

Half of the school have been doing Kapa Haka and Pasifika with Mrs Brown and Mrs Fata because Kapa Haka was always on Monday’s and Pasifika was always on Friday’s but now the dates have changed’s Pasifika are on Monday’s and  Kapa Haka are on Friday’s. Terangianiwaniwa