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Opportunities are what set our school apart. We actively seek ways to either bring experiences to our school, or to take our students to experience things outside of our school and community.

We look to widen our students horizons and have them think more deeply about all of the possibilities that exist for them as careers and lifestyles.



Te Kahui Tamariki, the first Māori bilingual unit in the country, begun in 1981 has now seen multiple generations from the same whānau graduate with deeper knowledge of, and appreciation for, their language, culture and identity.


Our Modern Learning Environment allows spaces to be configured to support and enable a range of teaching and learning approaches with an emphasis on collaboration.



One of the advantages of an Intermediate school is our ability to provide expert tuition in specialist subjects. 

As well as Music and Arts taught by practicing artists, we have variations on the traditional technology subjects of Cooking, Sewing and Hard Materials.

We offer stop motion animation, robotics, coding and more in ICT, and practical, experiment based Science extension.

We have expert coaches come in to take sessions with athletes across a range of sports.

We will continue to add to this as we look to push our students toward finding their passion and pursuing it to achieve personal excellence.

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